Anybody have trouble regulating body temperature after COVID?

Posted by da69 @da69, May 29 3:06pm

Has anybody else had trouble regulating their body temp after getting covid?
Am i crazy here?.....But i am always hot then cold....Or cold then i get hot.
On with sweatshirt....Then off with the sweatshirt..........
I can never seem to find the comfortable spot.

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Yes, all day, all the time. Heat really kills me, I can't tolerate it at all. I'm nervous with summer right around the corner. It is all so irritating.

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I too am worried about the heat. When I get too hot now, which is quite regularly, I get nausea every time now. I am so worried about it-I went out the other day and it was about 80 degrees and had some errands to do and I got sick just like that. I got some throw up bags from the dr to keep in the car in case I get nauseated while.
I went to Sports Academy and got those cooling towels for the summer hoping that will help me.


YES. Often more cold than hot - shivering cold. It's an annoying and incredibly uncomfortable condition. It does tho' alternate w/ being very hot - just not as often as cold. And it didn't exist in my body before COVID + in March 2023.

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