Red, Itchy, Painful Welts

Posted by Marie_623 @marie623, May 20, 2012

I have raised, red, itchy, painful welts on my arms & legs, but no where else. I have been this way for the last 13 days. I have tried Sitz-baths with cold water and Epsom salt, Benadryl pills, creams, medicated anti-itch creams. I finally went to the ER because I couldn’t the itching any more. I have had several people tell me what they it is that I’ve got. 1st Doctor at the emergency room told me that they look like bed bug bites. 2nd Doctor told that I had strep. My Mom thinks its: Shingles, my sister thinks they are spider bites, my neighbor thinks its MRSA. I don’t know what it is or how I got it. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I have never felt some miserable in all my life. If anyone has had this problem or have any advice please share. Thank you for your time & patience.

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Hi Marie sorry that youv’e been experiencing such discomfort. Maybe if you see you dr he could do some blood tests to see if anything shows. Take care Piglit


Thank you Piglit. I go see my Dr. on Thursday & will keep everyone posted on the out come.


I have the same on the side of my leg but they don’t itch they burn. I am doing antibiotic gel and covering them. I would like to know your results if you don’t mind sharing.


Mine actually turned out to be bed bugs! It seems my granddaughter brought them into my house on her school backpack!! I went thru all the same anti itch medication to no avail but what works best is Witch Hazel!!!! I was able to rid my house of them with Diatomaceous Earth it kills any hard shelled bug and is safe for humans and pets and it Works. I have been left with pressure hives, any tight clothing or even sitting to long, even sitting on the toilet, any place where pressure is applied there hives will show up lasting up to 12 hours. My only relief is the Witch Hazel. Hope this helps. 🙏🥰🐞

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