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Ramsey Hunt Syndrome

Posted by @maudestl in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 4, 2011

Have you been diagnosed with this syndrome? We are trying to find the best care and better prognosis for my daughter.

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Posted by @elizabethrice, Sep 28, 2011

You may have already seen this, but here's some more information about Ramsay Hunt syndrome:


Posted by @expertcc, Aug 8, 2012

I have had Ramsey Hunt Syndrome for the last three years, (coming down with it at age 56) with two recurrences of blisters on the tongue, additional facial paralysis, and severe nerve pain in the ear. With each outbreak, the doctor prescribed the anti-viral drug valcyclivor, which did clear up the mouth blisters and other symptoms quickly. Prednisone was prescribed for two of the three outbreaks. I am currently on a daily , long term dose of valcyclivor to help boost up my immune system. I also take a daily dose of neurotin to manage the nerve pain in my ear. The facial paralysis on the left side of my face appears to be permanent at this time. Will be going to ENT specialst shortly due to continued pain, redness and swelling in the left ear. Will share any new information or treatment that may be prescribed.


Posted by @coni, May 9, 2016

I had shingles that began in my ear in 1995. I found out it is called Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. I have been experiencing vertigo (6 times severely since 1995). What can be done? What tests should I have done?


Posted by @mdmendel81, May 9, 2016

I have had side effects from Ramsey hunt for 5 years now. Rest when vertigo occurs is the best suggestion I have. And a VNG test done by your Ent will be very enlightening. I have 80 percent nerve damage in my one ear from Ramsey hunt.
Rest and no stress. Good luck.


Posted by @aliskahan, May 9, 2016

Hi @coni, I moved your thread to this discussion as I think it may help better connect you with some great people to talk to who have gone through similar situations. I'm also tagging @lorimar89 and @annieg in the hopes that they may share some of their experiences with you.

I also wanted to welcome you to Connect, @mdmendel81! Have you also experienced facial paralysis?

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