Radiology Report Findings

Posted by anderson777 @anderson777, Jan 4, 2020

I recently had a CT scan w/enhancement for Ab/Pel and the report read "vascular calcifications" – I'm only 48 and feel basically great – My primary and multiple people, including a radiology tech, have said to not be concerned especially since it wasn't included in the "Impression" portion of the report – I thoroughly hold my primaries opinion in the highest regard but can't help but be concerned after the idiot gear kicked in and I went online and researched for myself – Anyone have relative thoughts ……………. Comforting or not ???????

In short. Not. But don’t despair. A good lifestyle goes a long way to longevity. As we age typically we will find out that some of our body parts and functions don’t work quite as well as they once did. Inevitable, but don’t dwell on it. Just be vigilant of any changes that seem to be out of the ordinary. Your body will tell you much if you listen. Your parathyroid regulates the calcium levels in your body. If there were problems with it, more symptoms would probably present. Find a good yoga studio and go.

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