~ What It's Like to Be Bipolar ~

Posted by .harp player @amberpep, Mar 16, 2018

I just read the Quora article this month on “what it’s like to be bipolar,” and this individual is right on. Now mine is Bipolar 2, so it’s not as bad as Bipolar 1, but the symptoms are still extremely similar. I can stay hidden in my home for weeks at a time, not answering the phone or the door, I don’t cook or eat well, I’ve lived in this apartment for over a year and I still have not totally unpacked; an event may sound exciting and something I’d like to do, but when the time comes, I don’t have any energy or will to do it ….. but, I go anyhow and “fake it.” My kids don’t get it (even though 2 of them are Social Workers), don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want sympathy from them … heavens knows I can do that well enough myself …. but I would like a bit of understanding. This move has really done more damage to me than I ever thought possible. Sure, I’m closer to my girls, which may mean another “fake day,” but my X also lives about 18 miles from here, and of course he’s “The Man.” He’s busy, busy, busy, and I just want to stay in bed and hide……he’ just “so very wonderful” Yea, right! I look back over our time together (40 years) and I realize even more clearly how much affirmation, care, and love I never got from him. I still go back to my home state every other week for therapy and meds. The therapy is rather like a security blanket now.

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