quarantine period for infected children

Posted by mshamdann @mshamdann, Nov 29, 2020

i want to ask about the infection period for covid 19 for children cause my son have a covid 19 he took it from me , his age is 3 years and 3 months , i want to know after how many days (as a child ) he can go out and see people normally without infect others ??
thank you

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@mshamdann. Sorry you and your son had the covid. Is he being seen by a doctor? If so, follow his advice.


The CDC guidance has been 14 days from testing positive, or 2 days after all symptoms are gone, without using any fever or cough reducing medicines, but new guidelines are being prepared. There are also guidelines for other people you or he may have exposed, inside or outside your home, before you knew you were infected or while infected. Please contact your personal physician or your state department of health for advice on your specific case.
I hope you are both feeling better.


Hello @mshamdann and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Sorry to hear that you and your son have tested positive for COVID-19. As @sueinmn mentioned, each state has slightly different guidelines, however, if you are in Minnesota, this is the Minnesota Department of Health site with the current recommendations:
When did his symptoms first appear?


@mshamdann, Sending both you and your little son wishes for a fast recovery. Hope your son's doc can provide the guidance you are seeking.

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