"Quality of life"......a gift that just keeps on giving.

The 2020 Holidays are over. What was your favorite gift? Was one of your gifts what I call a “quality of life” gift? Was it a new special pillow that made you sleep better? Perhaps you were given something that made your life a little easier like new shoes with a softer sole. Or maybe your family gave you a Mayo gift like the Pain course or a Habit workshop?

It’s never too late to think of and thank yourself for your endurance, generosity, and kindness to yourself. And these may be things that you have never mentioned because you didn’t want to be a burden or a nuisance or appear to be selfish.

I went crazy this year and got three of my quality of life gifts. I’ll share them with you and hope you realize how very important they were and are to me.

1. My MFR therapist began to feel that one session a week was not sufficient. So, we set up a six week trial of 2 sessions per week. The difference in tolerance was amazing. I didn’t have to endure increasing discomfort for 7 days….just 3. And so….gift #1. When I let my family know they found a way to help with the additional cost called a “stocking stuffer”.

2. For over a year I have been noticing more and more pain in my hip. Several years ago, I had an injection which was done poorly and so I wasn’t too excited about trying again. This time I had a chat with myself. “Why, Chris, are you going through increasing pain when there is a solution?” So I gathered my strong determination, had the injection, and am just jumping for joy. And my insurance covered it. Great…..another quality of life gift received and appreciated.

3. My 2021 quality of life gift brigade begins tomorrow when I have my preliminary appointment to fix my arthritic thumb. I can no longer open a jar or turn a key in the door lock. Seven years ago I had anchovy surgery on the left thumb. It is perfect. Now, why have I let the other one reach such a painful stage? I really don’t like surgery but this one is relatively doable and I won’t need too much help at home.

So Happy Holidays to me.
And thank you friends and family who shouted encouragement and helped support my wishes for a few things that just needed to get done.

What items would qualify for your quality of life? Let’s all share and help each other develop our 2021 list of can dos and must-dos.

Be happy and content in 2021.

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Update re my son. I found him Monday afternoon on the kitchen floor unconscious. Called 911, took him to Mayo hospital ED. He was admitted to hospital for 2 days. Brought him home yesterday after a tough two days. I had a couple of serious meltdowns, my friends. I lost it when chatting w/a doc and my son. Got better in time, but deeply exhausted from the long years and pain. He came home yesterday, not ok. I took him back to hospital ED this morning. He's shut down with all these years of pain. He's admitted to the progressive floor, medical, neuro, etc. working together to help this man. He's finally, after 18 years!!!!!!! getting the help from professionals he desperately must have. Thank you Mayo!!!
He has a sitter 24/7 to help, so I was able to come home tonight, then back in the morning to help. I have a bunch of information the docs need, so I need to be there to answer questions.
Therefore, my friends, I'm signing off for a bit. Focused on him and getting him better!
Blessings to all.

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@ess77. Dear Elizabeth, I missed your posts and wondered/hoped you were ok. Thanks for keeping us updated on what's going on with you and your son. We've never met, but I consider you to be an unsung heroine with an indomitable spirit. You've spent so much of your life caring for others, first your mother and now your son…all while dealing with your own serious medical problems. By sharing your stories, you have touched so many people on this site who have come to care about you. I wish we could reach out and care for you as you are going through this bittersweet time…bittersweet because all you're dealing with is is so difficult and energy-draining but wonderful because your son is getting the help he needs. I hope you aren't going through this on your own and will reach out for help if you need it. The wonderful medical staff at St. Mary's saved my life a few years ago from two bleeding/spurting ulcers; and a nice Mayo social worker helped me find a rehab center to recuperate and helped with other things. I couldn't deal on my own, needed help, and help was available. You and your son are in the prayers and thoughts of quite a few people. Please take care of yourself! Nancy


Good afternoon I have a question. How do I get out of these forums? The reason I ask is I am getting emails all day long to much to deal with. Any help would be appreciated

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If you will notice at the top of the forum there by your photo there is a triangle, click n it and select profile. Scroll down and you will see that you can turn off recieving e-mail!

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