Quality of Beds - Extended stays

Posted by kimbarkov @kimbarkov, Dec 5, 2018

I have been overnight at Mayo Phoenix 5 times this year 3-5 days each. Their beds are the worst and I have degenerative lower back issues. With an upcoming Bone Marrow Transplant (and extended stay 3+ weeks) are decent beds available? The Ergonomic type, that adjusts to your movement and position. When you move the bed inflates and deflates to minimize bedsores and other issues associated with limited mobility. I want one – is that a request my MD can submit?

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@kimbarkov those hospital beds are in our transplant clinic here at University Hospital in London ON. I am currently in one right now. Moulds to your body and it's movements.


@kimbarkov, I want to extend a welcome with a virtual handshake since I see that this is your first post. I am not familiar with Phoenix because I got my organ transplant at Mayo Rochester. During my 10 week stay in Rochester my husband and I stayed at the Gift of Life Transplant House. I know there is a transplant lodging – Help In Healing Home in Phoenix. Have you considered looking it?
You might find some Phoenix patients who can help you in the Visiting Mayo Discussion Group: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/traveling-to-mayo-clinic/


@kimbarkov There are inflatable mattresses to put on top of a bed that are for invalids. These change the inflation pattern to shift them in bed without a nurse having to do it. There are lots of plain air mattresses too and ones that don't shift the inflation pressure. Would something like that meet your needs?


@kimbarkov through a chain of colleagues, I was able to ask a BMT Nurse Manager at Mayo Arizona about the beds. The beds currently on the unit inflate and deflate with movement. Additionally there are specialty beds available that can be ordered, but only if clinically indicated. Your care team can work with you to determine the need and will be able to order a specialty bed after you arrive to the unit.

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