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pulling my hair out...... PLEASE HELP

Posted by Anonymous-f7ba79f9 in Just Want to Talk, Mar 14, 2012

Hello I am a 41 year old female, every since i was around 16 i started pulling my eyebrows out. to where i had to draw them on.. Then later on it started with my eyelashes.. then about 2 years ago, it went to the hair on my head. It got so bad that it was a spot as big as an half dollar. It was so bad I didn't want to go out in the public. much less work! I am trying to stop, but its hard. I don't have the money to go to the doctor, and no insurance. I just need some Ideas on how to get it to grow back faster, anything to help?????????

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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 16, 2012

Do you have any lead mental health agencies where you live? They treat folk without insurance. You sound like you have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Trichotillomania - and have had it for a long time. I'm not judging at all but if you grow back your hair how will you control the urge to pull it out?
I would suggest dealing with the underlying issue. Treatment may include anti-depressants and talk therapy to help you control negative thoughts and behaviors like hair pulling.
Please, let me know if you need assistance looking for services in your area.


Posted by @goingcrazy, Mar 16, 2012

Hello, thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if there is anything around here like that or not. I just moved here in savannah, ga about 3 months ago. And to get to what you were saying about finding the problem, well thats why I moved here, I was in a very vary bad relationship. he was very abusive and controlling. I think that was a big part of it. because since I have been away from him its no where near as bad. My hair just wont grow back. I still think about it but do everything I can not to. And yes I agree, I do need someone to talk to, but like I said, no insurance. But I will look into what you said to look for. Thanks for the info. Regina


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 16, 2012

Hi Regina,
If you live in the states you should have access to free mental health treatment. I work in one of the hospitals in the US and we take all who walk in through the door needing help and eventually you are assisted with applying for entitlements.
I am so sorry that you have endured so much. Even though you left him and I AM PROUD OF YOU for that, you probably have some things you need to get off your chest??
Then, by pulling out your hair you feel even worse when you look in the mirror. Try to find services in your area and like I said if you need me to search I will. Just ad to me to friends list so we can communicate in private.
Now, a temporary solution is at Sally's hair Supply and it is a Shampoo & Conditioner that helps hair grow but it's not overnight. I believe it's called MainGrow and it is used on humans as well as horses so they have can those long and silky tails.
I actually own them and they are $5.99 a bottle. As we age, our hair thins out and I must say I love it. Another route would be rogaine for women but that's expensive.
Another method, and I do this as well, is wear stylish hats that match your outfits. I am not bald but I love hats and you can still look professional, beautiful, lady like etc.
Lastly, a wig or a weave where you go to a shop and they sew a little hair on.
I have given you temporary ideas but I do hope and pray that you deal with your trauma/OCD because you will feel so much better overall.
God Bless, Stay Strong and Take good care,

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