Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

Posted by mandiPNE @mandee, Oct 5, 2018

Hello from a new member. Am wondering if anyone suffers from the monster Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage? I do. And I’m very alone in it. It is a very uncommon condition, and because of its personal nature, one that many people may not be comfortable opening up about. There seems to be a more vocal/visible presence of patients in the US, AUS and France. I hope, I need, I want – for it be made more aware of here in Canada. If there is any one who suffers from it, or who thinks they might, please feel free to open up about it. Please join me in advocating for ourselves in this horrible condition.


Thanks for your feedback. I have never tried the above mentioned. Is this script or OTC? I really hope you are feeling some improvements and life quality.

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@teg These are strictly alternative medicine. However, there was a Japanese Pharmaceutical company called Takeda that sold it for many years. They discontinued as for the conditions they marketed Serrapeptidase it was not more effective than placebo. It wasn't a big part of their revenues. For purposes of clearing blood vessels of plaques and possibly helping tissues remodel, these may be very useful. Check out Serrapeptidase from Biomedix labs and Nattokinase from Doctors best on Amazon. Read the reviews and see what you think from people who use these. They helped me, I believe.


Does anyone out there knows if breathing black mold can cause nerve damage??

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