postural orthostatic hypotension

Posted by Henrietta Pilcher @hpilcher1, Jul 20, 2016

Has anyone had effective treatment for this disorder? I am treated with beta-blocker and Florinef that is causing side effect of disabling fatigue and not being able to function normally, being unable to walk, or to drive a car, and is completely disabling. Has anyone found a reason for this disabling condition?

Hi, Henrietta. Welcome back to Mayo Connect. I hope we can help you find more information on Postural Orthostatic Hypotension and your current struggle with it. I had a similar problem myself — getting dizzy when I stood up from bed or a chair. Mine was caused by strong medication I was taking for high blood pressure. I noticed that you were treated about a year ago for an inflamed artery with the drug Prednisone, which is a widely used corticosteroid. Your current medication, Florinef, is from the same class of drugs, but with a different purpose and different effect on your body.

An article on lists these side effects (among others) of Florinex: bruising, dizziness, severe tiredness, muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat. If you are experiencing any of these, I recommend that you contact your doctor as soon as you can to review your symptoms and treatment program. I’d also ask the doctor whether your beta-blocker medication and dosages may be contributing to your hypotension. Can you renew your treatment with Mayo Clinic at this time? Or if not, can you see your primary physician soon? Let us know how you’re doing from day to day.


My endocrinologist said it is often caused by an imbalance of hormones and is currently running tests on my blood. Maybe that was the cause for you? I’d suggest going to an endocrinologist.

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