Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Severe Anxiety...

Posted by Roxie43 @roxie43, May 26, 2012

Have you been diagnosed with PTSD? Are you experiencing enormous amounts of added stresses that exacerbate your condition and make you feel anxious all the time?
PTSD is a medical disorder that sadly has profound effects on the individuals life. I recently found out, by one of my provider’s that panic attacks can even occur when we are sleeping. I never knew this but it explained why I get up in the middle of the night feeling like my breathing has stopped and I need air. I sleep with a fan in my face year round for aging reasons so I’m getting plenty of air. I also participated in a sleep study to ensure that I did not have Sleep Apnea but I don’t.
Waking up like this is very scary and at times I’m afraid of falling asleep. I’m glad that I mentioned it to one of my psychiatrists because not knowing what was happening was inducing even more discomfort and anxiety.
When we are the victims of traumatic experiences and/ or are re-traumatized life can become so uncomfortable but please keep in mind that; If, we were strong enough to survive the traumatic experience/s we are all the more powerful in our continued efforts to heal!
Our faith will be tested as well as our self worth but don’t waiver my friends because we are survivors and this too will be an opportunity for us to show just how passionate we are about deserving meaningful lives.
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I had some pretty severe trauma as a child, and went through years of feeling off balance, low self-esteem etc. It has been a lifelong journey of healing. When I was in college, I started studying healing therapies and I think it was mostly to heal myself! Now, years later, I feel pretty strong and sleep well. One of the reasons I sleep well is because every night before bed I go through a short mental routine where I take charge of my sleep like the captain of my dreamship. I invite my ‘crew’ – whover I think would help me most during the night, set my intention for how I want to feel in the morning and what problem I want to solve – or just surrender the problem or worry to my higher self / crew to fix it – and then I can sleep and wake with a clear mind with new ideas as to how to address my fears. I’ve been doing this for years and am sure it has saved me bundles of money on doctor bills. There is still work to do, but it’s a great way to get to the next place, the next bit of self-discovery, and the next step in healing, gracefully. Recenly I had some anxiety attacks as well, due mostly (as I found out) to issues around my mother dying. Luckly, finding this out from a psychologist friend and going off caffeine seemed to stop it in its tracks. I felt lucky the solution was so easy! After years of programming my sleep, I kind of expect easy solutions. I think that is a nice side-effect.

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Hi DrKatie,
How are you feeling today? I like how you became creative around sleeping better.

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