Post Transplant In-home care

Posted by tjdog @tjdog, Dec 2, 2018

I’m looking for options in the event my caregiver is unable to help me right away after a kidney transplant. Such as a Medicare approved visiting nurse service. I’m not close to Mayo Phoenix. Live on the west side near Surprise.

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Hi, tjdog. I think this is a great question. A caregiver is a necessity after transplant surgery. I think that only your transplant center is qualified to answer this for you. I suggest that you get in touch with the social worker there to ask your question and to discuss your particular circumstances.

Here is some information that I located in the Q&A for Out-of-State Patients that you might find informative for your situation.
"Q: Do I need someone with me the entire time during my wait and after my transplant?

Transplant caregivers are a critical part of your transplant. Most transplant centers require you to have one or more caregivers identified for the time before and after your transplant. Your caregiver can attend appointments with you, take notes, help you with activities of daily living, help with medications, and many other tasks associated with your transplant and recovery. You should plan to bring someone to each of your visits to the transplant center and have someone identified to care for you after your transplant and when you return home.

All of this sounds like a lot of work and planning, and it is, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Your caregiver is there to help you make these plans and decisions, and your transplant center is there to help make your time before and after transplant as simple as possible. If you’re receiving care at Mayo Clinic, we want your experience to be stress-free so you can remain focused on your health. "

Here is some information about the kind of care to expect after yout transplant –
Transplant Newsfeed: What to Expect: Post Transplant Care
tjdog, Where are you in the transplant process?


Have you had a chance to see the Transplant Pages? It is a good place to view the Living Donor and Living Recipient Toolkits to find pertinent information.

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