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Posted by jodeej @jodeej, Feb 5, 2018

I’d like to share information with our kids so they will know what to expect for our post-transplant life. They are all grown and live 2+ hours away from us. Of course in this day and age of Netflix and mp3 downloads none of them have dvr players. Are they any YouTube videos out there that I could send them a link to so they could watch it?
Thank you!

Great question, @jodeej! We have a transplant playlist on Mayo Clinic’s YouTube channel, here’s a link to that for you:

. I skimmed it for post-transplant care videos and unfortunately that seems to be a gap! That said, we did a webinar last spring that does a good job covering the transplant process end-to-end, with specific information on living organ donation. Here’s that link: (around 33 minutes they cover post-transplant topics).

There are some helpful condition-specific videos on the transplant playlist, too, that might relevant depending on your husband’s diagnosis. Let me know if you end up checking any of these out!

Curious if other members in this group are aware of other resources, perhaps external to Mayo, that might help @jodeej prepare her kids on what to expect post-transplant?


Kristen, Thank you so much! I’ll give them a look. My husband needs a liver transplant so I am sure these will help. I appreciate it! 🙂

Thank you for your help.


@jodeej, JoDee, Kristen has provided some (in my opinion) excellent resources. I do encourage you to look at them. Being proactive and educated about the transplant process is only going to be to your advantage. When the time is right for the transplant, your transplant team will walk with you, and help you apply the post transplant care to your individual situation.
I am confident that you already are experiencing the support by the transplant team for both of you as you move forward.

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Rosemary, I did look at them and sent the links to our kids as well. Lots of good information! You’re right, the transplant team is so helpful and has great information.
I’ve made lists of what to have packed ahead of time and what to pack last minute. I also made a list to remind us of who we need to call and to get our mail forwarded.
Thank you!


These are really great videos! Thank you for asking the question!

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