Polycythemia Vera/Dehydration/Keto

Posted by lindaw123 @lindaw123, Aug 15 12:46pm

I was diagnosed w Polycythemia Vera in 2020 when routine lab work showed HCT of 61.3. At that time I was also taking HCTZ for BP.
I had a spleen and liver Ultra sound which showed minor enlargement of spleen, normal liver. My blood work showed the Jak 2 mutation. I've never had bone marrow biopsy. I had several Phlebotomy treatments to lower my HCT which worked well. I started reading up and found dehydration can cause Polycythemia alone.
So I requested to change BP meds to go off HCTZ. I was able to stop the Phlebotomy for a few months but my Dr never lets me get much higher than HCT of 43 or 44. So when my HCT has reached those numbers I've had the phlebotomies. Also had a follow up spleen ultrasound showing very minimal increase.
Here is my concern I'd say for 1 year and a half prior to my PV diagnosis I very strictly followed the Keto diet. It worked for me. Went from 150 lbs to 120 lbs.
When I was diagnosed I went off the Keto diet returning to my original weight of 150.
2 months ago unhappy w my current weight and not as horrified as I was about PV I have returned to Keto diet and continuing to read. My latest knowledge I have obtained that I was unaware 1st time on Keto is that keto FORCES water out of you and that's the main weight loss achieved and then eventually fat.
I've also read if I'm understanding this correctly there are people with Jak 2 mutations without MPN.
So my question: If dehydration causes elevated HCT. Could the Keto diet have raised my HCT to 61.3. My last HCT was done in June 41.8. Prior to diet.
Am I crazy🤪?

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I am on keto for almost 2years. I don't drink that much water just lots of ice coffee and tea. I don't believe dehydration causes pv, pv is caused by the mutation of bone marrow not lack of water and keto does not draw water from your system it makes your body use the stored fat.

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