Polycythemia Vera and Nutritional Ketosis

Posted by chadknudson @chadknudson, Mar 26, 2018

I was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera several years ago and my treatment regiment has been regular phlebotomies (generally about every four weeks.) I needed to drop some weight so I started a diet plan that would put me in nutritional ketosis. I do not know if the two are related, but I was able to go five months without a phlebotomy. It may just be a coincidence, where I might be stabilizing after the first few years, but I just wanted to pass this along in case it sparked any thoughts from others.


I am suspecting I'll be soon officially diagnosed with PV. I'm JAK2 and blood numbers trending up over the past 18 months. Dr ordering another set of labs today. I am already on a ketogenic diet and do intermittent fasting. Occasionally 24 hours but almost always a 16-18 hour fast daily. Originally began doing that to help my brain as I am also APOE4 positive (high risk for Alzheimer's). Any ideas if fasting and autophagy are beneficial to PV?

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Hello @thlas1971. While we wait for others to share their experience with the ketogenic diet and their PV, would you mind sharing a bit more about your experiences with the diet overall? Has it been helping you in your everyday health? If you fast 16-18 hours a day, do you just eat one meal?

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