Personal protection equipment (PPE) for emotional health

Posted by georgette12 @georgette12, Apr 5, 2020

Just a thought. I’ve been working on my own personal protection equipment for my mental health during this pandemic. So far I find that “boundaries ” are my number 1 protection to ensure my emotional safety. I use this PPE in the following manner. I place my invisible fence between me and every negative or angry person I encounter, either out in the world, or on TV, social media, and all communication by phone or text. Because I easily “catch ” the virus of anger, I am careful to maintain “emotional distance ” with others who trigger my anxiety.

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@georgette12, That is great advice. I also always try to surround myself with positive people. Here is a page that might give you some more ideas!


John, thanks so much for that link. Blessings.


I call my personal armor "limits" "gratitude" "action" and "faith" – I limit my time here, exposure to news in most forms, limit conversations about our current situation limit time with negative people… I focus on being grateful for every little thing I can – a good meal, a beautiful flower, a phone call… And maybe action would better be called movement – a walk, a warm shower, dancing around the living room, preparing a nice meal, a little art or sewing… My faith is very personal and difficult to describe, but it gives me a sense of belonging to a wider, longer universe, a confidence that things will get better and a sense of acceptance.
Stay calm, stay safe


going to try this, thank you.


Just read this in my book:
"Practice simple acts of being present. "
This helps me personally when dealing with people, situations, and life.

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