Period time: What do you use period discs, cups, underwear?

With so many new menstruation products on the market, it can be difficult to know what to choose.

The writers at Mayo Clinic Press are researching the pros and cons of different menstruation products and they'll like to get your first-hand experiences and advice.

Have you tried products like discs, cups, or absorbant underwear?
– What do you like or dislike?
– And how do you clean reusable products away from home?
– What tips would you share with others considering these period products?

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I have no comment but am interested in all the products.


Tampons aren't that new, though.


Tampons aren't that new, though.

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I can't prove, but will swear that I have used tampons for 35 years, plus or minus a month or two.


I use the Thinx brand underwear. LOVE THEM! I don't know why I didn't switch sooner.

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