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After Hep C Treatment

Posted by @bobuloops in Infectious Diseases, Dec 11, 2014

post harvoni treatment how did you feel before and how do you feel now


Posted by @daveniles, Dec 27, 2014

I'm Taking Harvoni for almost 3 weeks.Dont feel any change yet, but I am hopeful. Does anyone have any knowledge on that?


Posted by @smaug48, Jan 18, 2015

Does anyone have information about the Mayo Clinic treating people for Post Interferon Syndrome? I had 92 weeks of interferon for Hepatitis C (which didn't work) 2008-2009 and now feel much worse than I did before starting treatment. Any information would be appreciated, thanks.


Posted by @airtruck54, Mar 12, 2015

I have had chronic hep c for at least 10 years and I thought it was a death sentence! 3 weeks ago I started taking Harvoni and went for a blood test-after 3 weeks my liver levels were normal and no signs of hepc levels were detected in my blood! I hope every one can take this mdrt cured!

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Posted by @sharonmsmith, Jun 2, 2015

I have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and want to know more about good foods to eat and natural remedies to combat this disease without drugs if possible. Also want to consider any info you have on Harvoni Medication?


Posted by @colleenyoung, Wed, Jan 20 at 8:55pm CDT

Hi @sharonsmith,
How are you doing? Did you decide to take Harvoni?

@afterthetreatment would really like to connect with someone who's been there.

Connect Community Director

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Posted by @afterthetreatment, Sat, Jan 16 at 7:04pm CDT

I finished treatment of Solvaldi and Ribo 2 mo ago and want to hear from others what they are feeling?


Posted by @colleenyoung, Sun, Jan 17 at 9:57am CDT

Welcome to Connect, @afterthetreatment.
You'll notice that I moved your message to an existing discussion about Hep C treatment in the Infectious Diseases group. Here you'll meet @airtruck54 @daveniles @bobuloops.

How are you feeling now 2-months post treatment?

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Posted by @afterthetreatment, Sun, Jan 17 at 3:13pm CDT

2 months post treatment I am feeling totally unmotivated about anything a bit depressed I'd say, and tired. Really thought I would be feeling better, but ? My platelets are low, have had my spleen removed three years ago. Anyone have elevated white blood count? Mine was like 13.

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Posted by @afterthetreatment, Wed, Jan 20 at 11:46am CDT

Hi, I'm so ,lost trying to find a place where others are chatting about post treatment. Do you have Hep C Coleen?


Posted by @colleenyoung, Wed, Jan 20 at 2:41pm CDT

Hi @afterthetreatment.
I do not have Hep C. I'm the Community Director of Connect. When I moved your thread here, I was hoping that past members @airtruck54 @daveniles @bobuloops might return to share with you. I will continue to look for people who have Hep C and will join this discussion.

Hang in there!
Connect Community Director

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Posted by @airtruck54, Fri, Jan 22 at 9:41am CDT

I. Felt sick all the time. I am not sick anymore


Posted by @colleenyoung, Sun, Jan 24 at 4:14pm CDT

Hi @airtruck54 Welcome back to Connect.
How long did you feel sick and when and how did you get better?


Posted by @airtruck54, Mon, Jan 25 at 3:03pm CDT

I had hepc for 12. Years that i knew about. I used. To. Be. Tired and depressed also had pains in my liver! I. Also took percosets. And drank alot i. Am lucky to be alive! Afertreatment. I feel good! I want to go back to work! I was a business person and i am broke. Now! But i have. My health! I am 61. Years old! Good luck to everyone!


Posted by @afterthetreatment, Mon, Jan 25 at 2:32pm CDT

Hi Bob, I had Sovaldi and Ribo for 6 mo. My platelets dropped to 10 prior to treatment and had to have my spleen taken out. 2 yrs later, treatment. I felt lethargic ALL the time prior to treatment, now 3 mo after treatment tired 40 percent of the time. I also was so foggy minded, I could not think straight before treatment, now I am starting to get my brains back ! I had no detection of Hep C at 3 weeks into my therapy. I have to get blood work this week to see how it's going 3 mo after treatment. It's been a very heavy cross to bear, praying this new yr will give me a chance to feel well. I am genoType 3 . Insurance wouldn't cover harvoni for me. How about you? C

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Posted by @airtruck54, Mon, Jan 25 at 2:57pm CDT

Hey bob. I got luckey. The bill for harvoni was. 95000.00. I was geno1b. The worst. You. Took sovaldi. You should be fine! Sovaldi is in harvoni. Good luck!

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Posted by @afterthetreatment, Mon, Jan 25 at 8:55pm CDT

My name is not Bob lol I'm female 59 yrs old. CA. I am so glad you feel good ! How long after treatment finished did you start to feel good like you so

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Posted by @airtruck54, Tue, Jan 26 at 3:35am CDT

As soon as i got. The results from my bloodwork. That told. Me. I was clear of the virus i felt. Good! I fi ished all of my harvoni pills 1. A day that is the beauty of harvoni! You should start to feel ready. After. Your treatment get active and forget about your disease! It is over. Live life love. Life!


Posted by @afterthetreatment, Tue, Jan 26 at 3:14pm CDT

I love to hear stories like this . Wish I could say the same.


Posted by @airtruck54, Tue, Jan 26 at 3:37pm CDT

Bob. I noticed after. My. Treatment. The skin on my face. Started to glo! I feel alive again. And i dont take. Pain pills anymore! Cheer up and keep on fighting! I live. Outside. Of boston.


Posted by @rkz06, Sat, May 7 at 7:54pm CDT

I have had hepatitis C for almost 20 years , I went through interferon and Ribavirin treatment a few years ago , after five months I was clinically depressed and had to go on antidepressants . After six months I stopped with no positive results , ( I wouldn't do it again ) then this year my doctor looked me in my eyes and told me he could cure me with Harvoni, i'm down to my last 10 days and have had two blood tests both showing viral load undetectable . I still don't feel great but I know that the disease is dead , and I plan on living my life the best I can . I've been sober since March 18, 2004 and my life is great on most days . I hope this helps somebody .

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