Parkinson's Treatments

Posted by edroz01 @edroz01, 4 days ago

I’m a 76 year old woman who has had PD for about two years now. The most problematic issues I’ve experienced are fatigue and brain fog. I also have some tremors. I’ve tried Sinemet for months, but it seemed to cause more problems (e.g., dyskinesia) than it helped with. I’ve been taking LDN for two months now, so still assessing that. I’ve worked closely with my primary care physician and a neurologist.
I recently started taking Rasagiline.

My questions are:
1 – Has anyone found anything that has worked to reduce fatigue or brain fog?
2 – Has anyone tried LDN, and if so, what results have you experienced?
3 – Does anyone have positive experiences with any alternatives to Sinemet such as Rasagiline?
4 – Has anyone tried HIFU/MRgFUS for PD Tremors?
5 – Has anyone tried the experimental glove treatment for tremors?

Thank you!

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