Parkinson's and Speech/Swallowing Problems

Posted by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor @hopeful33250, Sep 16, 2016

Many of us with Parkinson’s have speech problems. There are speech therapies such as LSVT Loud, breathing exercises, etc. Let’s share some of the speech problems we have and what strategies we have used to have clearer speech and better swallowing.

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Hello All:

As you will undoubtedly concur speech and movement problems often go hand-in-hand when you have PD. The National Aphasia Foundation recently posted information about an online program this Friday, June 22. I'm planning on watching it and I invite you to join me. Here is the information and link,

June is National Aphasia month and I would like you to know about a program that will be available on Friday, June 22, online. This program will introduce you to a therapy called, "Work Out Your Words." This program synchronizes language and cognitive tasks with movement. Sounds like a great idea to me for movement and speech problems which I have that occur very unpredictably. I am looking forward to watching this, please join me! Here is the link,


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