Pain Medicine Clinic

Posted by MarianBon @marianbon, Jan 6, 2013

I would like to know more about the Pain Medicine Clinc in Jacksonville. I will be going in January 15 and know some about it. Is it expensive? One person told me it’s run like a reehab,with bloodtets and counting your pills and such. I’m not worried about that since I take my meds as I should. But she said she took one extra pill because she could not get out of her house nor reach the Minnesota PMC and they said she had a “striek” and threee strikes and you’re out? Never heard of tis. She also said you have to sign a contract? I am SO confused. Can anyone help?

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Stevens Johnson’s syndrome


Do not know anything about pain clinic in Jacksonville fla. I do know about same in so. California and get great help, very professional.


I went through it. It costs a little over$26,000. They do a blood test. They don’t count your polls but want to know what you take, just like going to a doctor. You’ll get a bunch of booklets and do occupational therapy which is pretty useless and physical therapy which I found out made me do exercises which were harmful for me to do. It did help while I was there but once I left and went back home, I didn’t have all of the weights and ability to exercise, nor their type of support so I feel that it was a waste of time and would suggest not going. It is not a successful program as they claim as I have talked to other people who were in the program with me.

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