Pain and depression.

Posted by Stephen @wsh66, Dec 27, 2018

Recognizing depression can be hard. Haven't you ever heard a person say, "Look at the world, look at the way we let others live" or any of many other complaints and say, "How could I not be sad", "I'm not depressed, it's (add your maslady), that's making me sad. Been there, done that. Sometimes we also enjoy the drama of the depression in our lives and we wallow in it. Denial, come in many forms.

Situational depression is the easiest to deal with. That's the one that falls under, "It's not what happens to us, but how we look at what happens to us. In any case there are 3 therapies. Pills, anti depressives. talk therapy, counseling, individual or group and the one we talk less about. Bibliotherapy, that's right, reading about the causes and the effects of depression. Books like, "The Four Agreements", by Miguel Ruiz or Feeling Good by David Burns, Here are two links to get those books. I'm sure they are available at the library as well.

Hears the tally on these three. All three treatments work to alleviate depression. Any two of the three work twice as well as any one of the three. All three together work three times as well as any one of the three. David Burns explains this in greater detail in "Feeling Good".

A forth treatment I engaged in is tapping. If you or anyone else you know is depressed ypu should know about "tapping". There are many forms of tapping. Only one has been tested and patented. I believe it is called "Thought Field Therapy" but I'm not sure. I've got a call i to get the answer and hopefully the algorithms, (the instructions for how you tap, 2where and how many times. The first time you encounter it you think someone has lost their mind but trust me, this stuff works. I remember so little of the details because I only did it for a few days and it absolutely extincted the worst symptoms of my depression, intrusive repetitive thoughts and insomnia.

If and when I get the info I'll post it here, Good luck and Love and Blessings
Stephen wsh66

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