Pacemaker and medications; CardioMEMS HF device

Posted by healthheart490 @healthheart490, Nov 27, 2018

Hi, Recently I was diagnosed with a heart rate of 30-35 so I had a pacemaker implanted several weeks ago. It revealed that my heart has gone into Afib several times at night. Therefore the doctor prescribed propafenone and metoprolol in addition to eliquis. Has anyone else been prescribed this combination of medicine? Thank you


My Father diagnosed with "asymptomatic trifascicular block" . Holter Reports Says :

# Baseline ECG shows RBBB,LAHB
# 1st Degree Heart Block
# Occasional SVE Run
# No CHB /Pause

has doctor has suggested to have pacemaker. I would like to know from expert :

# What should we do ? Do we really need to implant Pacemaker ?
# Whats are the risk and precautions , we need to take

My Father's Angioplasty done in 2008.

Looking forward to have a positive reply from this group.


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Hi @aharsh i was not an afib patient but mine was Ventricular Tachacardia its a issue with the lower part or the heart but for me that pacemaker saved my life probably 20-30 times over a 10 year period. For me my heart would go into a really fast heartbeat to where blood stopped flowing. The other thing that help also was my drs could see an episode by downloading the pacemaker woth a Bluetooth type device and see right away what happened and maybe just a med adjustment or a few tomes the had to ablate my heart to help with the erratic heartbeats. For about 8 of those years i had a few issues but with the pacmaker i was still able to work at the job i love and led a pretty normal life. When it comes to the pacemaker i really had no issues with the installation or life with ot in my chest. With me sometimes and mor the last few months i had it it had to shock me back into rythim. It wasn't to bad but towards the end it became more often and i develop a fear of the next shock. Now your Dad my not need a pacemaker with difibulator and his issue may just need a pacemaker. And don't get me wrong that difibulator saved my life many times. So im here of you have any questions and good luck pacemakers can be lifesavers. I used to think of mine as my private EMT in my chest


@ starfirey2k ,
hello, a year ago I had the same experience. after the implantation of the PM, paroxysmal A-Fib's were seen., I did not feel them. after 10 months (november 2018) the atrium fibrillations were permanent. the call it a persistent A-Fib's. the cardiologist tried to be funny by saying, that I didn't need a two chamber pacemaker. I would be better off with an one chamber PM. .unfortunately the situation deteriorated, as I am suffering now from a pacemaker mediated ventriculair arhythmia (extrasystoles and tachycardia.).I hope I will get an appointment soon.
II would like to read, if there is another person with the same trouble.

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Yoanne, interested in how you are making out with all of this….update? hope you are doing well.


Has anyone had a cardio-MEMES HF device put into their pulmonary artery? They say doctors can predict the beginning of heart failure 3 weeks prior and adjust medication to stop it. I was supposed to get heart transplant, but have avoided it over last year due to improvement in health. If I go into failure again, that will be it and I will have to transplant. I am hoping to hold off as long as possible as technology gets better everyday. I would appreciate any information you can offer about the device, implanting, reporting etc…
Thank you!


I have a pacemaker set at 60 beats per minute. Lately my pulse may be from 60 to 65 beats when I take blood pressure readings, pacemaker seem to let this happen smoothly. Is this ok or what is going om

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