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Pacemaker implant and medications

Posted by @healthheart490, Tue, Nov 27 7:51pm

Hi, Recently I was diagnosed with a heart rate of 30-35 so I had a pacemaker implanted several weeks ago. It revealed that my heart has gone into Afib several times at night. Therefore the doctor prescribed propafenone and metoprolol in addition to eliquis. Has anyone else been prescribed this combination of medicine? Thank you


hello, yesterday I posted a similar question (pacemaker recipients). like I wrote, I take bisoprolol (metoprolol belongs to the same group of beta blockers),
additionally to the pacemaker and Eliquis. Immediatedly after the implanation I had A-Fib's. Now 11 months later , have persistent A'Fibs, they are without symptoms. I never got propafenone..
I wonder, if a pacemaker + beta blocker is useful, therefore I posted my question. I'm glad that you also think about this combination.

I had the same kind of expirence turned out that I was able to stop it by not using wine or other alcohol-one of the triggers
Suggest u look at triggers and see if one of them are the cause.
Funny story about this. Went to local restaurant and ordered chicken marineo ( wine sautéed). Guess what the arythem started that night at one am

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