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My Father diagnosed with "asymptomatic trifascicular block" . Holter Reports Says :

# Baseline ECG shows RBBB,LAHB
# 1st Degree Heart Block
# Occasional SVE Run
# No CHB /Pause

has doctor has suggested to have pacemaker. I would like to know from expert :

# What should we do ? Do we really need to implant Pacemaker ?
# Whats are the risk and precautions , we need to take

My Father's Angioplasty done in 2008.

Looking forward to have a positive reply from this group.


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Replies to "My Father diagnosed with "asymptomatic trifascicular block" . Holter Reports Says : # Baseline ECG shows..."

Hi @aharsh i was not an afib patient but mine was Ventricular Tachacardia its a issue with the lower part or the heart but for me that pacemaker saved my life probably 20-30 times over a 10 year period. For me my heart would go into a really fast heartbeat to where blood stopped flowing. The other thing that help also was my drs could see an episode by downloading the pacemaker woth a Bluetooth type device and see right away what happened and maybe just a med adjustment or a few tomes the had to ablate my heart to help with the erratic heartbeats. For about 8 of those years i had a few issues but with the pacmaker i was still able to work at the job i love and led a pretty normal life. When it comes to the pacemaker i really had no issues with the installation or life with ot in my chest. With me sometimes and mor the last few months i had it it had to shock me back into rythim. It wasn't to bad but towards the end it became more often and i develop a fear of the next shock. Now your Dad my not need a pacemaker with difibulator and his issue may just need a pacemaker. And don't get me wrong that difibulator saved my life many times. So im here of you have any questions and good luck pacemakers can be lifesavers. I used to think of mine as my private EMT in my chest