pacemaker and blood pressure machines

Posted by mfenn @mfenn, Oct 26, 2022

I just got a pacemaker. I would also like to keep track of my blood pressure. The Omron home machine I have states that it doesn't produce accurate results and may show no results at all. What machines can one use?

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I recently purchased, via Amazon, the Wellvue Armfit home bloodpressure & ECG monitor. I am very happy with it (& it has overwhelmingly good reviews on Amazon). Note: I have no financial interest or stake in the sale of this product.


Actually your Pacemaker company may also have a BP device and I even had a scale that all got read by the bedside device, maybe check with them and insurance covered mine.


I have had a pacemaker for 7+ years, and I use both Omron and and Alcedo (?) BP machines with no issues.


I use the Omron BP Monitor with a pacemaker and have no problems.


Thanks all. Honestly, I was afraid to use it. Silly but true.
Soooo, after all your feedback, I felt comfortable giving it a try.
And, It worked just fine and was accurate.

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