Oral Lichen Planus

Posted by nturner @nturner, Apr 26, 2012

I’ve been dianosed with Oral Lichen Planus for about 2 years now. It mostly affects the side of my tongue. With severe flareups, it is difficult to even speak and forget about eating ANYTHING, even bread, because it causes pain and irritation. We have not been able to pinpoint what caused it. I have been using Dexamethasone oral rinse to treat it. In the beginning it eventually lessened symptoms. With this current flare up, there seems to be no relief. Can ANYONE suggest something PLEASE??????

I have also been diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus and have been dealing with this for many years. The only thing that seems to help is heavy doses of prednisone. It affects the sides of my tongue and also the inside of my cheeks. My dermatologist has suggested accutane to see if that would bring it under control for longer stretches of time. Not really interested in accutane, it is kind of scary..

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