Any Optic Nerve Meningioma Patients Who've Had Surgery?

Posted by alpineir @alpineir, Feb 20, 2018

I would like to connect with anyone who has an optic nerve meningioma and underwent surgery to resect this type of benign tumor.


Mine is on the optic nerve and surrounding the carotid artery. They said it was inoperable because of the many different delicate things in that area. I've had 2 opinions one from an extremely good neurosurgeon and another who has seen many in the area or on the optic nerve and said he has never seen it operated on for the damage it can do. I am set up for 5 day radiation to shrink it or slow the growth in 2 weeks. How badly is your eye effected? Wishing you well, Julie

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Best of wishes for the success of the radiation. I am in the Seattle area
and was told the same however ( please don't let this effect your decision)
I had radiation in april and at my 90 day mri it hadn't shrunk at all. Then
I decided to seek one more opinion by the very rude doctor and he told me
that these tumors rarely shrink!! I have double vision in the right eye
especially with reading and driving at night ( which I no longer can do)
and it will not focus so I wear glasses anyway and was told to get glasses
with a prism in them to relieve some of the pressure for my eye to try to
focus. I also have drops that they use for glaucoma to relieve the internal
pressure. Then I get severe right side facial pain: eye, forehead, cheek
and teeth! Do you get facial pain??
Thoughts and prayers for a successful radiation! It was actually
comfortable for me with the mask. Held my head nice and snug so I hope you
will have a good experience too. Thank you so much for responding, julie

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