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oppisitinal defiant disorder

Posted by @kayjay1 in Mental Health, May 12, 2012

has anyone had children with this dosorder .My 15 year old grandson has this disorder would very much like some first hand knowledge please

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Posted by @roxie43, May 13, 2012

I have worked with children with the disorder. Usually, the behavior has underlying issues. Also, keep in my that being a teenager can be a difficult time in the developmental stage. What's the home life like? What's school and peer's like? There can be many reasons behind the behavior so if you find out what the underlying issue is and address it the defiance may cease.
Conduct disorders in children can lead to more serious problems in adulthood so now is the time to figure out if the behavior is the result of stressor's, normal development or something more serious.
I hope this was helpful. A comprehensive assessment usually goes into some of what I've mentioned.
Take care,

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Posted by @robin3, May 13, 2012

So I am a divorced mom with a nine year old son whom has been diagnosed with op positional defiant disorder, also adhd, and possible social sensory disorder. I am totally freaking out. we have tried so many meds and nothing seems to work long term, also the weight gain on the meds have been awful. I need help.... He is angry all of the time and frustrated and now is becoming physically abusive as well as verbally abusive to others.


Posted by @lizkat, May 13, 2012

Hi Robin
Mom's with challenging kids always get a big hug from me ((((Robin))).
My Baby has reactive attachment disorder, which includes some rather oppositional defiant behaviors. She is frequently inattentive as well, tho I am giving that some more time to hopefully work itself out without meds (she's only 6). She also has had various autistic and sensory integration issues.
It is so hard to pick out what is a 'behavior ' issue and what is faulty wiring. I found the love and logic parenting class very helpful. I am in no way affiliated with them so I will post the link for you:
I also found it helpful to pick just one big issue to address at a time.
Are you in the US? Does he have an IEP at school?
Are you getting adequate respite time away from him?
Welcome Aboard!


Posted by @robin3, May 14, 2012

Thanks for replying. I am most worried about the aggression at this point.. I will definitely check out the link. thank you.
Happy mothers day


Posted by @lizkat, May 13, 2012

Hi Everybody
A neuropsychiatric evaluation may be in order. I wonder if one of the Mayo advocates would join in here and let us know what Mayo has to offer?


Posted by @china, May 14, 2012

Dont know about kids being told they r sick n have 2 take pills. What happened to just being a kid.


Posted by @china, May 14, 2012



Posted by @piglit, May 14, 2012

I know it hard to understand about kids taking meds but after teaching special needs children, Unfortunatley, but sadly medication is required for their some cases

Posted by Anonymous-c2561442, May 17, 2012

I had a son who was seriously defiant almost from the get-go. I joke now that he went into the terrible twos at about 18 months and didn't get past them until age 20. I am sure he had ODD and I suspect some ADHD, as well. His general family situation was devastating. Father is a severe alcoholic, was abusive and divorced twice. Paternal family tendency to addiction.

Medication was never suggested, actually. At age 14, in total despair, my mother, brother and I joined together to send him to a "therapeutic" boarding school for two years. Intensive therapy was involved. Unfortunately, it was incredibly expensive. He and I are convinced it saved his life. So it was worth every penny to us. But it isn't financially possible for many families, although the school district may have to provide financial help if they cannot provide the necessary education for this type of "special needs" student.

He's 34 now, graduated from college, is hard-working, with solid values, a very nice guy and a great husband and father to two children. You have to look everywhere and do a lot of research to find what is available to help. I'm thankful that I can report a basically happy ending. There is hope. Don't give up. Be persistent to the point of being annoying, when looking for help.


Posted by @dasenglish93, May 18, 2012

I suggest you find a good therapist who will help him holistically, including family therapy and participation.


Posted by @kadt, Aug 14, 2012

kayjay...My 15 year old son was diagnosed with ODD along with a mood disorder, anxiety and ADHD at 5 years old. We have been through the ringer with him, special ed schools, a wilderness therapeutic program for 8 weeks, therapy. My husband and I are in the process of working with a psychologist weekly in order to better learn how to parent him. He has been raised in a loving home with both parents, no trauma or environmental situations that could explain his behavior. It is purely neuro biological. Your grandson might need a specialized therapeutic environment, at the least, you will need to learn special parenting skills. But most of all, keep in mind that you/ his parents, have only 3 more years of control over him with regard to his schooling.

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