Opinion: How to manage heart and GI symptoms and specialists?

Posted by debra54 @debra54, May 5 7:04am

I need input on this….6mos ago started having health problems cuz of the symptoms I was sent to a heart dr…after many tests, that were all good, I decided to go to a gi dr and he found my problem, like chest tightness, pressure…it was my esophagus. 100 % better but my heart dr isn't releasing me and I don't understand cuz I clearly don't have a heart problem. I am 58. I've had high blood pressure and fast heart rate for 10 yrs now that my primary dr has always treated me for. 1st thing heart dr did before any tests was change me from meterplol to cardivlol. Not sure bout this change. Lol…

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What do you mean when you say the cardiologist won't "release" you. You can leave a doctor anytime you want. However with high blood pressure and tachycardia the heart doc might be helpful. If you don't have confidence in this one , maybe find another one? I switched and was happy with the next doc 🙂

If you prefer one med to another, your doc should listen and consider what you are telling them. Many do. Or they might say give it time, and then if there is still a problem with a med, they will make the change you want. Good luck!


@debra54, it sounds like you have several things going on and need clarification from your doctors to understand your care. As @windyshores suggests, it might be helpful to have a cardiologist on your team of doctors given your history of heart issues and to keep them well managed.

I would ask why the specialists recommends the change in medication.

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