Nonspecific interstitial thickening with groundglass opacities

Posted by bumble81 @bumble81, Sat, Feb 23 11:56am

Recently I was in the ER with chest pain. I have actually been in numerous times with chest pain. My doctor insists I just have panic. This last time I went they did a CT scan of my chest and it showed this Nonspecific interstitial thickening with groundglass opacities. The doctor did not give me any instructions. Said he did not really know what that was and did not think I should do anything about it and that it would not cause my chest pain. Should I get a second opinion?


I use a nebulizer 4 times a day regularly and up it to 6 when I cough. I also have an airways clearance vest which follows the nebulizer. It is an InCourage/Respirtech vest if you want to look it up. It explains how it works better than I can. Each session lasts about 45 minutes. With bronchiectasis you need to cough out mucus because you airways no longer do it on their own. So we try to keep the mucus loose and coughable. So this along with mucinex keeps it “moving”. I can have coughing episodes that last 2 weeks. I also tend to cough a little when I get winded. I did just work my way through a flare up without going to the hospital! Yay me!! 🤗 Being on prednisone helps, too. It’s not a nice drug, but it can work. I do a taper dose starting at 45 mg and taper off over about 3 weeks. So, it really does sound like a lot, but for me it’s sll about the mucus. Especially when my lungs are already compromised by the interstitial part of it. Anyway, what I need to do is work, but better than the alternative!

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Oh OK, I understand. I guess my cough is more chronic. Like you said, if I get winded I will have a coughing episode. My pulmonologist gave me a Inhaler, but said it most likely won't work for me. And she was right!! It only works for mucus, which I don't really have.
Lol, yay you is right!! Avoiding a hospital visit is always accomplishment!!!


@fracturedd-Hello again- NSIP, Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP) is a rare disorder that affects the tissue that surrounds and separates the tiny air sacs of the lungs. These air sacs, called the alveoli, are where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place between the lungs and the bloodstream. I'm so glad that you found a pulmonologist to diagnose your shortness of breath. What have you done to stop the shortness of breath? Are you one medications?
@cloe001,@bumble81 – Please read this about ground glass : Ground-glass opacity (GGO) is a radiological finding in computed tomography (CT) consisting of a hazy opacity that does not obscure the underlying bronchial structures or pulmonary vessels (1). Pure GGOs are those with no solid components, whereas part-solid GGOs contain both GGO and a solid component. You can look up the different kinds. It's so important that you research your terms and diseases so that you get a full understanding of what you have.Knowledge is power and if you aren't sure of something please don't pass it on.

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Reread what I wrote, I was just writing to empathize with their frustration & share what I have. Most people on here are sharing their conditions & questioning what is going on with them. It is not a forum to call down & shame someone. Was definitely not diagnosing someone, just asking them to look at what I have & if they are suffering in the same way. Don’t run people off, we need each other. Misinterpretation & ignorance of what someone is trying to share is frustrating as well. You are very knowledgeable and share such helpful information, I appreciate that from you.


@cloe001– I am so sorry that you feel shamed by what I said. My intent was not that at all. My emphasis was on terms and to relay some information to you. Perhaps I should have worded my intent differently. Again, my appologies.

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