Night time verbal and physical abuse

Posted by servette @servette, Nov 26, 2016

Wife, 87y/o, recently given Seroquel 50mg nightly to reduce night time symptoms of physical and verbal abuse. She accuses me ( husband) of stealing and fraud. Have not had a solid night's sleep for 1 month. Seeing a neurologist and getting little help.
Any feedback?

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Hi @servette, thank you for sharing what must have been a difficult message to write. I'm glad to hear that you are getting a little help from a neurologist. What is s/he doing that is helping?

It is so hard when the person you are caring for acts out of character, and even becomes paranoid accusing you of things. My mother-in-law accused my father-in-law of trying to kill her. She refused to take prescribed medications. She had a brain tumor.

What is your wife's diagnosis? Does this abuse only happen in the evening?


My wife is undergoing evaluation. She is scheduled for some blood studies, a MRI of the brain and a cognitive test in the next several days. ( if she will comply and go.) The abuse happens mostly during the night but happens daytime as well.


@servette Im so sorry you both are going through this difficult time. While I don't know anything on the neurological side of what your wife is going through, I have taken Seroquel in the past to calm night terrors that occur from molestation as a child. Currently I am on Trazodone which also "shuts off" the brain so I can sleep.
I hope you get answers as well as help you both need.


Hello @serviette. I am Scott and it is nice to e-meet you here. I was my wife's primary caregiver during her 14+ year war with brain cancer as well as a secondary caregiver for my MIL who had frontal temporal dementia. I am sorry to hear of your challenges. I am not a medical professional in any way, but it sounds to me like you are certainly taking the correct first step in seeing a neurologist. Proper diagnosis will be crucial as you move forward.

As a caregiver, behavioral changes can be among the most difficult to manage and understand. I took to keeping a journal of what and when for these changes so I could accurately relay the information to my wife's doctor. Sleep disruption also makes for challenges in caregiving. My wife was on an every 2-hour medicine regimen for three months and I am still trying to get my natural rhythm back for sleep.

I wish you strength and courage in your journey. Keep in touch!

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