Newly diagnosed with Macular Degeneration

Posted by Tracey001 @tracey001, Aug 18, 2011

I just found out that i have Macular Degeneration possibly Macular Dystorphy and I am scared to death. I haven’t eaten in three days and I feel a huge sence of hoplessness. I would really like to talk to others who have it and how they are coping

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Does Areds2= bother anyones stomach when taking this pill

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Yes it did. I started taking Areds2 is per instructions and by day 3, I had the worst stomach ache and lost my appetite. It took 5 days for my stomach to return to normal. I did not online taking Areds2. I do eat a lot of spinach and green veggies plus balanced meals. I wear sunglasses and a hat when the suns out.


I was just diagnosed with AMD too. My retinal specialist thinks
The areds will help and says he can zap blood vessels under the macula. I am 76 so age related problems are expected. AMD is usually slow growing so I am trying not to panic. I have 20/20 vision right now so I am hopeful. There is a lot they can do for AMD.

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