Newly diagnosed HCM. Am I on the proper meds?

Posted by drumsace @drumsace, Nov 20 4:42am

I have a recent HCM diagnosis and just had a new echo that determined it. I’m currently on Carvedilol 25mg twice a day, linsopril 40mg a day and Atorvastatin 40mg a day. I also have a pacemaker but no defibrillator. My prior diagnosis was sick node syndrome, tacky Brady syndrome. So I’m just wondering if my cardiologist will change anything now that my diagnosis is different. See her December 5th.

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Those are all great questions @drumace, and I am glad you see your cardiologist in a few weeks. It must feel like December 5th is a year away!
Obviously, we can't answer medical questions here on Mayo Connect, but we can share our own experiences and what has or has not worked for us. HCM and HOCM mimic so many other different heart conditions and symptoms, you may find that your doctor may change or discontinue certain meds. But only she can determine what those changes are. Is your doctor well versed in HCM/HOCM? This is the most important question…


I don’t think so I’m hoping to get a appointment at Mayos in Arizona I live in Nevada. I am familiar with Mayos in Rochester had annual physicals there as a kid and later on nursing school there at St Marys


drumsace, I am curious with your heart failure did they give you an explanation why not a ICD/Pacemaker? What was your EF?

I have cardiomyopathy and have an ICD/Pacemaker. The medicines I take are Entresto, Carvedidol, and a new medication that I can't spell right now for helping with significant number of PVCs. These are specific to me and when I went to Mayo in 2006 for second opinion they changed my medications and dosage and the type pacemaker they were recommending.

I see the mentor mentioned can't answer medical questions and great advise. We can only give you our experiences. Realize we are all different and what may work for one of us would not work for others.

If you are going to Mayo in Phoenix (and I hope you follow through and go) you can't do any better than that. Mayo Clinic is a great institution with latest techniques, treatments, and medications.

Mayo has specialty providers who can provide you with the answer your questions. I have been going to Mayo Jacksonville since 2006. When I went there in 2006 did not have a hospital nor the specialty buildings and treatments and doctors they have now. I have watch this small operation turn into a major health institution and hospital in North Florida. Mayo Jacksonville was recently named "The best hospital in Florida."

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