Remaining independent: Tips & tricks for creating good habits

Posted by fiesty76 @fiesty76, Jan 8, 2020

Concerned because a neighbor has called three times in recent months to tell me my garage door had been standing open for several hours and was checking to see if I was ok. While very grateful for the calls and after the 1st call immediately posted a sign on my utility door as a reminder to “close door”, two more calls followed that 1st one.

I’ve lived alone in my home for decades. I’m 76 and still maintain my home and do my own yard work. While I’ve laughed for years that I have always been a bit scatter brained, I am also fiercely independent and not yet ready to relocate out of state near my daughter and into a sr living establishment.

I’m looking into installing a locking system for my automatic garage door but if I continue to fail to press whatever buttons required to close or engage the system, I will not be able to live alone in this house. Any suggestions or tips on how I can “train” myself to be Sure that garage is firmly down?

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Thanks for your response, @danab. Smiling because humility isn't one of my top traits however, I'm becoming more and more familiar with the concept as time passes. Be safe and well.

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