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Update on the garage door, @gingerw, @johnbishop, @virgo1952, @sueinmn, @jo54, @danab, @robbie1952,@merpreb, @lioness, After weeks of keeping the garage door down and preening my feathers for being so consistent, last night about 9:45pm a neighbor called to tell me the door was open and the light was on.

Earlier Ginger had responded how lucky I was to have a good neighbor to alert and check on me. Others of you made me feel better by your responses and suggestions. I thought I'd really solved the problem by turning on the utility hall light and leaving it on, regardless of time night or day, whenever I entered the garage. It had worked so well and I was so proud of little self for finding a solution that was working.

When she told me, I impulsively wailed: "Ohh, but I've been so good!" Now does that sound like a wizened adult to anybody else??? ummm, what I thought.

Of course I thanked her but was so put out with myself. I Knew it had been daylight when I'd opened the garage to take tools to the backyard and hadn't been in the garage since. Finally dawned on me that instead of turning on the garage light, I'd flipped on the utility light next to it. Bizarre to find comfort in realizing my negligence was a result of not turning on the right light but we take our comfort where we find it, yes? So maybe a strip of painter's tape over the garage switch will do the trick??? Stay tuned…foibles occur frequently here. Smiles and best to all.

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@fiesty76 Yes I can definitely relate im the same we try so hard to remember something and just when were patty ourselves on the back it happens again. Oh well just makes us humble I guess.
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