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New Transplant Blog Posts

Posted by @keggebraaten, Feb 21, 2017

Hello everyone,
We hope this finds everyone well today! We have started this discussion today to announce a new blog post. Every week, we will reply to this discussion to let you know when something new is published. Watch for new information often!

Have a productive and enjoyable week!
– Kristin


Posted by @keggebraaten, Feb 21, 2017

Hi all,
Today’s new blog post is “Improving Your Sleep Could Lead to Improving Your Days”. This post talks about ways you can try to improve your restful time so your days can be productive and enjoyable. Feel free to comment if you have other ideas that help you sleep better!
– Improving Your Sleep Could Lead to Improving Your Days


Posted by @keggebraaten, Jul 25, 2017

Hi everyone,
Our blog post today would be a great addition to the toolkit for someone who is just beginning this process of listing and transplantation. Today we are talking about getting listed for transplant – a process that sometimes seems like it should be simple, but comes with a fair amount of detail. Feel free to share this post with anyone you know who might be beginning their journey. We would love feedback from anyone who has already been on that waiting list too. Was the process easy for you?

Posted by @kequick, Feb 22, 2017

Hi everyone,

Our transplant blog was updated again today with a can’t-miss story! In this post we introduce you to Andy Sandness, Mayo Clinic’s first face transplant patient. Andy’s story represents a major milestone for our transplant center. We are THRILLED for Andy and wish him well as he returns home to Wyoming. Hope you are as inspired as we are by this miraculous story.

– Meet Andy: Mayo Clinic’s First Face Transplant Patient

Posted by @keggebraaten, Mar 3, 2017

Hi everyone,
Today we updated our blog with some information that deserves some attention. We know patients who get transplants are tasked with trying to figure out how to pay for their post-transplant medications. These medications can cost thousands of dollars a month, and we want to provide patients with tips on how they might lessen the burden of these drug costs. Check out our new blog today: How to Save Money on Your Medications – We hope you find some tips to help you.
Have a wonderful weekend,
– Kristin

Posted by @rosemarya, Mar 3, 2017

Thanks for this valuable information. I am going to check it out when I have a better opportunity to read thru it.
I really appreciate all of the information that you are presenting on this blog.


I have been told, “You are never too old to learn.” In this case I’ll say “You are never too many years post transplant to learn more!”


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Posted by @downtownsbrown, Apr 12, 2017

Hello Rosemary,

I am new to this blog (tonight is my first night). I am on the Mayo Kidney transplant list and in the process of trying to find a live donor. Earlier this evening when I logged on there was a post by someone who was willing to donate a kidney. Since I am new to this site I have not been able to find that post so I can try to connect with this potential donor. Could you help me find this individuals post?


Posted by @colleenyoung, Apr 12, 2017

Welcome to Connect, @downtownsbrown.
Let me help you find your way around. To see all the discussions in the Transplant group, go here:

If you Follow + the group, you will receive email notifications when new messages are posted.
You can find more tips on how to use the site here:

Posted by @kequick, Apr 13, 2017

Hi @downtownsbrown and welcome to our page! Since you mentioned you are trying to find a living donor, I wanted to share with you a link to our living donor toolkit. I hope you’ll find some helpful information to aid you in this process. We’d welcome your ideas and feedback on anything you’d like to see added to the page. Here’s the link:


Posted by @rosemarya, Apr 13, 2017

@downtownsbrown, I also want to welcome you. We are here on Mayo Connect to share and to support each other based on our experiences. And we ask questions and work toward finding answers together. There are other members who have shared their pre and post transplant experiences that you might find helpful.

I encourage you to check out the information that both Colleen and Kristen have provided.
Come back here, or feel free to jump into any of the discussions that interest you.
I look forward to continued conversation with you.

Posted by @kequick, Mar 9, 2017

Today on our blog, we introduce and honor our wonderful Connect moderator @rosemarya. Learn what inspired Rosemary to be a Connect moderator, and how her experience is going so far: Thanks for all you do, Rosemary!

Posted by @kequick, Mar 14, 2017

Hi everyone, In our latest blog, we’re sharing information about our transplant webinar taking place at the end of this month. We hope you check it out!

Here’s the link:

Have a great day.

Posted by @kequick, Mar 22, 2017

Is your transplant journey just getting started? If so, check out our new blog post on an important tool for finding the transplant center that’s best for you. The tool is called the Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients. Heard of it? If not, be sure to take a read and let us know your thoughts.


Posted by @kequick, Mar 28, 2017

Today on the blog we’re introducing you to Jolinda. Jolinda came to Mayo Clinic needing a kidney transplant, and in tremendous pain and discomfort caused by polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Check out her story and hear how she was part of a pioneering approach to treating PKD. Here’s the link:


Posted by @kequick, Apr 4, 2017

April is National Donate Life Month and we invite you to join us in celebrating this special observance for our transplant community. Today’s blog post provides background and history Donate Life Month, as well as a few tips for getting involved. Check it out!


Posted by @keggebraaten, Apr 11, 2017

Good morning all!
Today we have a new blog post about Transplant and Donation Facts and Myths. I know some of you have expressed your frustration about the misinformation and lack of participation related to organ donation from your friends on social media. This might be a post that you could share on your social media pages to clear up some of those myths that are floating around.
Have a beautiful day!

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