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Good morning all!
Today we have a new blog post about Transplant and Donation Facts and Myths. I know some of you have expressed your frustration about the misinformation and lack of participation related to organ donation from your friends on social media. This might be a post that you could share on your social media pages to clear up some of those myths that are floating around.
Have a beautiful day!


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Replies to "Good morning all! Today we have a new blog post about Transplant and Donation Facts and..."

Thank you ,Kristin, for another helpful blog entry.
I want to invite @lcamino, @pkindron, @contentandwell, @chattykathy to be aware of this information. I hope that you will find this helpful. It certainly relates to our recent conversations!

@keggebraaten - I would very much like to read this blog but when I click on the link to any of the blogs it says, "Oops the page you are looking for can not be found."


@lcamino, Try this link. http://mayocl.in/2tE7kWF
There seems to be a glitch currently with the link. I have reported it already.

Lynne, Have you ever looked at the Transplant Pages section of Connect? If you click on DISCUSS top left of this page you will see a drop down menu that gives you 3 choices: Discuss is this forum, and Pages contain up-to-date information by the Mayo staff on a variety of discussion related topics. There is also opportunity for members to reply.
Lots of good stuff there!

@lcamino, Oops, from me, too. I don't think that I sent the correct link. SO, you might need to do it the manual way that I described a few minutes ago: Discuss,- drop down menu:- Pages: - scroll to the Transplant pages. Hope it gets you there:-)

@rosemarya - Well I have seen some of those articles before but did not realize you could comment or follow them. I found an article about you with a beautiful picture! More there than I have time to explore now but I did follow something about preparing for a transplant. It does not look active at this time but we will see.


@rosemarya - I got to it via my Mayo Connect Weekly summary. Thanks for following up.


Hi Lynn and Rosemary and everyone,

Here is the direct link to the Transplant page on Connect: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/transplant/
If you follow the Transplant page, the new blog posts will be included in your daily or weekly Connect digest. All blog posts allow commenting. We welcome your thoughts on and additions to the blog posts 🙂 Comments from people with first-hand experience and questions make the blog posts richer, frankly.

Our apologies for the broken links to past posts, we are going through them now and correctly the links so that you can use them without getting the error message. Happy reading and commenting.

@colleenyoung - well I do follow that page and get the posts in my daily Connect digest but I did not realize I could post things without needing a new sign in etc. which I did not want to bother with. Thanks for showing me the ropes!