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Hi all,
Today's new blog post is "Improving Your Sleep Could Lead to Improving Your Days". This post talks about ways you can try to improve your restful time so your days can be productive and enjoyable. Feel free to comment if you have other ideas that help you sleep better!
- Improving Your Sleep Could Lead to Improving Your Days http://mayocl.in/2lIxW73


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Hi everyone,
Our blog post today would be a great addition to the toolkit for someone who is just beginning this process of listing and transplantation. Today we are talking about getting listed for transplant - a process that sometimes seems like it should be simple, but comes with a fair amount of detail. Feel free to share this post with anyone you know who might be beginning their journey. We would love feedback from anyone who has already been on that waiting list too. Was the process easy for you?

Beginning the evaluation process for liver transplant June 11 at Mayo Jax. Lots of questions and some anxiety. Mostly due to getting paperwork in order.
I am also anxious for my 2 caregivers that will be with me..dont want them to be overwhelmed. Ive been dealing with this first hand myself for 2 yrs. So much I know that they dont. Slowly preparing them. Im certain Mayo knows just how to help with this...
I will be sure to post my findings to help others following my path. I am anxious to finally be able to do something positive.... I am also participating in 2 clinical trials.

I live close to Mayo. I’m a pancreas only transplant recipient. My surgery was at the Mayo in Phoenix. At my one year I had to move so I could have health insurance that included Mayo. I’ve been in the Jacksonville area since last August.
I am more than willing to meet with you and your caregivers while your here.

@jeanne5009, I want to let you know that I am thinking about you. I wish you a safe travels. I hope that all of you planning makes this a smooth process for you and your caregivers. This will be a time of learning for all of you. I expect you all will walk away with a clearer image of what might lie ahead for all of you.
Hugs and Prayers,