Is anyone feeling any sharp stabbing nerve pain related to COVID?

Posted by jrandolph7b @jrandolph7b, May 23 11:47am

Is anyone feeling any sharp stabbing nerve pain? Dr. said it was nerve damage due to Covid but then another Doctor who is a specialist in many fields says that it’s internal shingles. Has anyone experienced this pain before?

Thank you!

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I had this pain with acute Covid and it felt like shooting pain in legs and arms. Now my legs and arms are very fatigued. I’m going to dr this week to get referral for our long covid clinic in my city to see if that will help.


Lost the ability to walk for many months after Covid 10/20. It’s been a long route to recovery. Looking to get Evusheld for protection from Covid and avoid further Myletis. I can’t seem to speak with someone about doing this ASAP.


I really don’t think you have shingles. That would show a rash etc. many post acute Covid folks have nerve pains as I’m learning more. I definitely think you should ask to see a specialist as your doctor just might not be aware of post acute Covid issues. I’m discovering most doctors are not and specialists and long Covid clinics seem to be helping the most.


Thank you all so much!


I will say after covid actually weeks before I got covid it started but then when I got it and now it's 6 months later I have severe severe nerve pain in my arm, ear, back of neck. So far no medications has helped I actually think gabapentin has made it worse

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