My Dr wants to switch me to a new medication - Entresto

Posted by momma78 @momma78, Apr 15, 2016

My question is… my Dr wants to switch me to a new medication called Entresto….I am wondering if anyone out there has tried it yet…and what your opinion is of it…any side effects, that personally effected you? Likes / Dislikes…if any??? (I currently take Carvedilol, Lorsartan, Lasix, Pravastin, Eliquis) THANKS
My diagnosis: 37 yrs old – Familial Cardiomyopathy – my EF% have bounced around alot (18-34%), hence I have a ICD – Meditronic Biventrical Defibrulator.

Hello again, everyone,

After taking Entresto for 6 months, I just had another ECHO, which showed that my EF of 20 went down to 18. I also have no improvement in symptoms. I told my cardiologist I wanted to go off Entresto, but he insisted I stay on it. He said I might feel worse if I go off it.
Does anyone have any experience with this drug?

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