My Dr wants to switch me to a new medication - Entresto

Posted by momma78 @momma78, Apr 15, 2016

My question is… my Dr wants to switch me to a new medication called Entresto….I am wondering if anyone out there has tried it yet…and what your opinion is of it…any side effects, that personally effected you? Likes / Dislikes…if any??? (I currently take Carvedilol, Lorsartan, Lasix, Pravastin, Eliquis) THANKS
My diagnosis: 37 yrs old – Familial Cardiomyopathy – my EF% have bounced around alot (18-34%), hence I have a ICD – Meditronic Biventrical Defibrulator.

Interesting to read the comments in here, I'm still researching what is Entresto and there are not much information available out there yet. My cardiologist just recently added Entresto 24/26 (2x) on top what I'm currently taking Carvedilol 3.125 (2X) Furosemide 40mg, Simvastatin20mg, and Warfarin 2mg. I noticed that after taking Entresto my BP systolic went under 100 and my heart rate went up from 70's to 96 is this normal? I have 2 valve replacement and a bypass and checking my BP every other day. When I walk to my car ( 150 ft away ) my heart beat faster it didn't before.


I thought you might be interested in learning more about this clinical trial from Mayo Clinic, (which is open for participation):
The NIH-funded trial will evaluate the the efficacy of Entresto in patients who’ve been diagnosed with a stiff heart – research studies have shown that Entresto may help improve HFpEF.


Hi, I just joined this group and am trying to decide whether to switch to this med. I'm currently on lisinopril, carvidilol, spironolactone, lasix, 1/2 aspirin. My ejection fraction is in the 30's and I have been doing well on this regimen for the past 8 years. My blood pressure is usually low. At my last appt., my doctor told me he wants me to try Entresto. I'm worried about changing the status quo and about dropping my pressure even more and about raising my potassium levels.


Hello again, everyone,

After taking Entresto for 6 months, I just had another ECHO, which showed that my EF of 20 went down to 18. I also have no improvement in symptoms. I told my cardiologist I wanted to go off Entresto, but he insisted I stay on it. He said I might feel worse if I go off it.
Does anyone have any experience with this drug?


I am on spironolactone and I’m going through a horrendous cold or flu But know that I am not supposed to take the standard decongestant take medications. I have been suffering by just taking Mucinex and Celine nasal spray but wonder if anyone knows if there’s an affective decongestant that safe with spironolactone? Thanks!


my dr. change losartan to Entresto start with 24mg to 49mg after 3 months, i have lot of problem with this medidation i had always a fatigue, sensation of vertige, flue vission, stomack pain, my nose running almost all the time. this medication not good for me, imy doctor insist, he change me to 24mg,,i want realy to changed, what is the better than that.?


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I’m tagging all the cardiomyopathy members on this message to see if they have thoughts or experiences with Entresto (Sacubitril And Valsartan).

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Hi, I've been on Entresto since Aug 29th 2019. I am on 49-51 mg twice a day. This has been a great medication for me. Like past medications, I've NOT had any side effects. I've found out many times myself that discussing your physical side effects is better to discuss first with pharmacist . They offer a lot of insight to these medications especially new ones on the market. When a pharmacist asks you if you have any questions about your medication when you pick it up, ASK HIM!!! He really means it.

There was a new medication that came out in 2005 and the Doctor's were prescribing this to everyone, thinking this was the cure of all evil. For me, the Doctor was prescribing way to much, to the point I was passing out. They couldn't even get a blood pressure.

Since my Doctor would not listen to me I discussed this with my pharmacist. Well low and behold, I was over medicated!!! My hair was falling out!!! Got a new phycisan and was taken off this completely.

I can say being on Entresto has changed my life and for the first time my heart beats wonderful. It straighten out my first A-fybulation this past summer. Since I was diagnosis with heart disease at 55 years old.

My advice check with your pharmacist and online for those side affects. Then, sit down with your physician and have a one to one meeting with him to discuss these issues. Have scheduling set aside a half an hour to meet with him. If you don't get the results you are searching for need, it is time to find another doctor who cares about his patients. There out there.

One more suggestion, many people who are on heart medications don't set up 6 month examines with their primary doctors which is very important because, they can offer a lot of assists in resolving these issues. I know, my primary physician is very proactive for me. And another point, have your blood work done every 6 months because medication can reduce vitamin levels. For me my Vitamin D3 fell in the hole and today it is finally reaching a normal level.

The very best in getting this issue solve. I know from my cardiologist he starts everyone on a low dosage for 6 months and slowly raises the dosage. When, I begin to show signs of side of effects, he reduces me back.

Hope this helps. With God's Warm Blessings, Maddie

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