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Mitral valve prolapse/regurgitation

Posted by @ornelasrebecca, Wed, Jul 5 10:49pm

When at rest or walking a short distance to mail box i notice that i stop inhaling or exhaling until my brain doesn’t get oxygen i grasp for air. Could it be worse regergitation happening. I also cant talk too fast or sing like i used to 30+years ago . I just have to catch my breath.


Posted by @kanaazpereira, Thu, Jul 6 1:54am

Hello @ornelasrebecca,

Welcome to Connect; I can imagine how worried you must be with such symptoms!

Here’s some information about mitral valve regurgitation from Mayo Clinic:

There are some additional discussions about mitral valve regurgitation and repair on Connect, where you can meet other members with similar symptoms:

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I’d like to introduce you to @mikkeleo @vdouglas @jannyw @sdann777 @lamborama @cyndiblaw @punkin53 @yoanne @petersen73 @redtri @topaz and @cynaburst; I’m confident that they will share their experiences and help you figure things out.

We look forward to getting to know you, @ornelasrebecca; were you recently diagnosed? Since you mentioned singing, may I ask if you were part of a group or choir?


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Posted by @yoanne, Sat, Jul 8 2:24pm

@yoanne, hi @ornelasrebecca,
why do you make a connection between a mitral valve prolapse (leading to mitral regurgation) and your respiratory problems ? did a cardiologist give you this diagnose or did you diagnose it yourself from reading?

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