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i Have gotten desperate enough to try to get an appointment at Mayo in minnasota for mgus. anyone out there that is also been diagnosed with this time bomb.
I am also suffering with anemia and pvc’s and a lot of pain. please let me know that I am not alone. bonne

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Hello @stuckonu,

I am sorry to read that you are going through a difficult time right now. I am glad that you posted an update. As I looked at your posts I see there was a time when you posted a lot in the Gratitude discussion group. Maybe you could look back over those posts and see if they could encourage you right now.

Here is the link to that discussion,

Will you consider posting one thing you are grateful for today?

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So Teresa, I hired a health care profession who is very positive and send morning greetings everyday. How can one not be grateful for her presence? I even tell her often, maybe everyday! On the same theme, she had a near fatal event so I do things with and for her. I’m very grateful that I put my complaint bag aside and it makes me feel good to do it. I never forget that bag that I leave behind and I’ve already heard from many to “ fa’getta bout it “ maybe if I believed in wishes or hope I might get dementia so I can just put it away.
I’ve become very negative about the whole medical field in general and as much as people like “ sharing “ their concerns and maladies they don’t like hearing a trashing of the system that they surrender to.
So, for instance I carried the 7 page report about the biopsies done in 2017 where “ MGUS “ was mentioned on half of the pages. My VA doctor ordered follow up testing and everything came back “ negative “ Good right? But as I saw it I wanted to know why the hospital that did the biopsies never discussed, showed concern, ordered more definitive testing as: the nodules were discovered in a cervical MRI the lead to the biopsies with no mention of Hyperparathyroidism and their GOOD NEWS was NO CANCER! Also no plans going forward. I have no voice and when I told the same doctor the no one seems interested or concerned about my voice he replied: “ I resent that! “ 1 hour with him. He listen to my heart from my back. No blood work or urine test when the last test had: blood and calcium in urine, extremely low vitamin D and two other chemical in my blood suggesting Hyperparathyroidism. I’ve been taking 50,000 units of D2, every 4 days 2000 Units of D3 liquid several times a day in coffee and juice fortified with D and Calcium, but perhaps his “ RESENTMENT “ effected his behavior.
One week later my concierge doctor did the D test and reported that it’s on the low side of normal.
I wonder what DXs come and go?
One last curiosity: I did a search for most missed diagnosed illness are since two best friends suddenly passed away from misdiagnosed ALS. Pretty scary to me

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