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MGUS: Please, let me know I not alone

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My hematologist tells me MGUS is not a disease and does not require treatment. She says I simply have a 5% higher chance of developing Multiple Myeloma than the general population. I hope she's right because I've decided to stop the yearly follow up appointments.

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In 2002 a Rheumatologist picked up one blood elevation that led him to discover MGUS. From that point forward I worked with a local hematologist /oncologist and a doctor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Life went on as normal, no worry, with 6-month check-ups until 2004. A baseline bone marrow study revealed MGUS was now multiple myeloma. The only life change was Labs every 3 to 4 months without worry until 20016 when Labs indicated I had to start treatment for the meloma. I did not have to wait for disease symptoms and/or damage to indicate advanced disease, need for treatment. Yes, I had medical issues over those years but they may have been there without the MM. Today I am near remission for the second time, hoping for a vacation from treatment in the not-too-distant future. My faith kept me from fearing this disease and I have been able to give hope to other MM patients along the way. I will be 78 this year, and still enjoying life. Side effects of treatment are sometimes in my way, but I find things to do during those times to keep giving meaning to my life. We all make decisions that give us the most peace. I saw great advancement in treatment from 2002 to 2016. Saw birth of 9th grandchild and 3 great grandchildren, weddings and graduations, traveled, climbed boulders in CA, wrote books, and served God in many ways. All with peace that health was confirmed every 6 months. Nothing to fear, no cause for worry.
Life is still great. I know my enemy and choose the battle. Not everyone can say that.
Blessings to you going forward. Nancy

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