MGUS: Please, let me know I not alone

Posted by bonnie canby @bonniecanby, May 21, 2012

i Have gotten desperate enough to try to get an appointment at Mayo in minnasota for mgus. anyone out there that is also been diagnosed with this time bomb.
I am also suffering with anemia and pvc's and a lot of pain. please let me know that I am not alone. bonne

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@cctoo, it would be interesting to ask your doctor about the possible relationship between Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and thyroid issues. People with MGUS are known to be at an increased risk of bone fractures. You'll want to careful to lower your risk for falls. I'm glad to hear you don't have any bone pain. Have you had a bone density test?

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Just saw this post. I wonder if there’s a gene that links lMGUS with Hashimotos’s (autoimmune hypothyroidism and hyperlarathyroid. I was diagnosed with the first two within months of each other and one or 2 years prior to that hyperparathyroidism, or maybe one causes another.


I read several studies on BCMA levels and MGUS progression. sBCMA levels were noticed to increase as MGUS / smoldering progress to Myeloma or related. Then I read studies to see if there was a way to decrease BCMA levels with diet. I did not find a study on this but did find elevated BCMA levels are correlated to increased cytokines. Omega 3 increased in our diets does have studies showing it can help decrease cytokine levels. I found this interesting and wanted to share in case anyone likes to research diet/health (my passion) and get their MDs opinion 😉

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