Sepsis & Medical Questionnaires: When can I stop answering yes?

Posted by psd0972 @psd0972, Mon, Sep 16 7:11am

Good morning! In December I will be a 2 year post-sepsis survivor 🙂 My question is regarding medical questionnaires that you fill out when you go to the doctor- example ‘Have you ever or do you currently have kidney, heart, etc… issues’ . When can I stop answering yes? As of June 2018 all of my blood work and all other tests have been normal. I feel like I should be able to answer these questions as I did before my illness – which were all No’s. It’s kind of a pain to answer Yes with explaining what it was. No only a pain but also reliving what memories I have of that time in my life. Thank you for your help!

What a great question, @psd0972. I feel like only your doctor could answer your question definitively for you specifically. I also wonder if mentioning that you had sepsis should be included on the questionnaire even if you were to reply "no" since your tests are all normal now. I'd like to bring @triley916 @suzmay and @wisgrama into this discussion to share how they respond to such questionnaires post-sepsis. @andreab may also be able to shed some light.

@psd0972 It sounds like you are in good health. What led to your having sepsis two years ago?


Thank you, @colleenyoung ! I will definitely ask my doctor what she thinks at my next appointment.
My sepsis was caused by an intestinal infection but the exact type of infection was never determined.


Congratulation on being 2 years post sepsis! My husband came very close to death 4 times w/sepsis. I am curious- does your infectious disease doc have you on suppression therapy? My husband has been on Pen VK going on 3 years now to keep sepsis abay.


I can’t even imagine going
through that 4 times 🙁 Keep up the
good fight! It takes quite a toll on us and the caregivers. xxoo
I have been released from the infection disease dr.
I’ve never heard of suppression therapy?
So far, everything that was damaged has healed and is almost back to normal.

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