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Posted by krobinson101 @krobinson101, Sep 20 7:54pm

Hello I’m new to this group and I want to ask if anyone has a mechanical valve put in in replacement for matiral valve due to having rheumatic fever when I was a teen….did anyone have blood in urine and if so where was it bleeding from …..had two blood transfusions and now was diagnosed with anemia through cbc testing

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Hello @krobinson101, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

I'd like to invite @colleen00, @davej, and @andytheman as they have all discussed receiving a mechanical valve and may be able to share a bit more insight about their experiences with them.

@krobinson101, members have discussed the need to take blood thinners after receiving a mechanical valve replacement, is this true in your experience as well? Have you discussed this symptom with your current provider or surgeon?


My mechanical valve was replaced 6/8/23 told to watch for any signs of bleeding or dried blood. My only problem was blood and fluid formed around heart sack so it was tough to breathe until mayo drained the fluid.


I received my St Jude mechanical aortic valve replacement through an open heart surgery. Many valve replacements can be performed through TVAR now which is a much less invasive procedure going through your groin. Quicker recovery time usually a one night stay in the hospital.

In 2012 they didn’t have that option. They opened my chest and inserted the aortic valve. I then spent 2 weeks in the cardiac ICU and was discharged with instructions that I will be on Coumadin for the rest of my life. So far so good. The only issue that occasionally crops up is that Coumadin makes you more likely to bleed and too thick can cause a clot to develop anywhere. Your Coumadin levels have to be drawn weekly for me.
If you fall and hit your head you could bleed out in your brain so sending me to the ER is protocol. I bruise easily and I never know where I’ll bruise next.


I Am on coumadin need to test blood every couple of weeks for blood clotting called INR. You have to watch the greens you eat and vit k intake.

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