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Major depression & other disorders

Posted by @teri15 in Mental Health, Jul 26, 2012

I'm new & have a question. I'm 51 & have major depression, anxiety, borderline & dependent personality disorders, bipolar & self injury behavior. How common is it to have 2 personality disorders ? Currently taking Cymbalta, Klonopin, Seroquel & Lexapro at pretty high doses.

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Posted by @paige, Jul 28, 2012

I don't know for sure, but it doesn't seem to me like it would be that uncommon to have 2 personality disorders, and maybe even more. Human beings are a complex race; those of us who have issues with mental illness, and various personality disorders, must be off the charts ! I'm wondering if the meds are working well for you ? A therapist told me personality disorders are curable, unlike bipolar which is not curable, but highly treatable. ( I have bipolar 2. ) The whole science of the human brain is fascinating- once you're well medicated and can think straight !


Posted by @teri15, Jul 30, 2012

Thanks for the replies. I see a psychiatrist & a counselor. I wasn't diagnose with personality ds. till about 5yrs ago, but I'm sure I had this when I was young. The meds I take help to a point, but my mood is up & down & self injury is a problem. Lately I've been hearing things I no just aren't real & that's pretty scary. I also have Cerebral palsy & learning trouble. Take care everyone !!


Posted by @piglit, Jul 30, 2012

You take care too Terri always here if you need to talk. I can relate. to the swings in the moods as I have had this since a very young age. At times also I have heard voices that aren't there this can be scarey. Mine was related to immense stress. I think at times that our mind can play games with us try, not to be scared. Let you counsellor aware of this it's good to talk about it. Always used to help me. Take care Piglit


Posted by @teri15, Jul 31, 2012

I'm in a really bad mood. I finally told my caseworker about the voices & she just acted like I was faking it !!! Don't no what to do, don't see my counselor for 3 wks. I feel like just staying in bed & not eat or nothing. Really depressed !!!!!!


Posted by @piglit, Jul 31, 2012

Sorry that this has happened with your caseworker. Could you maybe try to get an earlier appointment with your counsellor. Here if you need me anytime Take care Piglit


Posted by @teri15, Aug 2, 2012

Well my caseworker & I talked today & I feel better. She thinks like you Piglit that the voices are stress related, as I'm under a lot of stress. She also said that our minds play tricks sometimes and I might THINK I'm hearing voices but I'm not, which I guess could be true cause I used to have seizures due to stress. It is funny what your brain does when your all stressed out !!


Posted by @piglit, Aug 2, 2012

So glad that you have talked to your caseworker.and that your'e feeling a little better. I know myself that when I have been stressed that I have heard things too as you know. Our minds do play tricks at times and can cause us quite alot of confusion. you know not to be scared I think it;s more alarming when it happens, as a times it can catch up on you when you least expect it to happen. I had a bad stage a while ago that I would actually answer and my son and husband would say that they heard nothing. So I just replied well I did. Think they may be used to me by know. Take care my dear always here anytime that you need me Piglit


Posted by @bettyann, Jul 28, 2012

Hi Teri,
Are you getting therapy from a psychiatrist? ... or at least some kind of professional counselor? It seems to me that with all the drugs you are taking, you NEED counseling of sorts and not just given drugs.
I am so sorry that you are going through this misery. I know it must be awful for you, but apparently the drugs alone aren't doing the job.
It's not true that you are 'forever' stuck with being bipolar. I have personally know people who got over this disorder and one is no longer on drugs. So please never give in to 'stuck for life' with any situation.
It sounds to me like some really good professional needs to take you back on a trip through time and discover what those places are that are causing you such painful mental disorders. Good luck to you.

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Posted by @kramer, Jul 29, 2012

My mood is always up and down I loose hope and since of direction in my life I recently moved up to Rochester mn I have very few friends that I can rely on


Posted by @piglit, Jul 29, 2012

Hi kramer Are you new to the community if you are a very warm welcome to you. You know that I have all my life been on the rollercoaster of ups and downs, and at times it is not easy. Maybe just a litttle suggestion that there maybe some groups that you could join to meet new friends. I don't know what interests you have but it may help. Take care Piglit.


Posted by @applefangirl06, Aug 4, 2012


I''m new to this site and decided to jump right in. I've worked as a mental health social worker for ten years. In my professional experience it is very common for people to have dual diagnoses. I cannot speak to personality disorder in particular. I would suggest a second opinion to be on the save side. I'm sure most of us in this forum have had experience being misdiagnosed,


Posted by @worthyangel2012, Aug 30, 2012

hi .. i am angel and i am fighting major depression disorder and anxiety ..

Posted by Anonymous-8b1d28a7, Aug 31, 2012

sweetheart, get a second opinion, seek out a good therapist, and find out whats REALLY going on! Your short story reminds me so much of my baby sister, she had all the same meds. I buried her last November, she was only 43 years old. Remember these are medicines not miracles. It's more common than most would think, I would be shocked to find anyone with only one disorder, in this class. You have to care for yourself as well/

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