Lupus butterfly mask treatment

Posted by normah @normah, Oct 15, 2018

My grown daughter has lupus and now has a butterfly mask….she is looking for a cream to treat her face.

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Hello @normah, welcome to Connect. I’m also sorry to hear of your daughter's diagnosis. I’m hoping others will join in and share information that may be helpful. I don’t have lupus but do have other autoimmune diseases and understand the uncertainty you may feel. Mayo Clinic does have some information that may be helpful –

There is also another discussion on Tumid Lupus with SLE Symptoms that you may want to join and ask your questions –

In the meantime, I’m tagging others who have mentioned or are familiar with lupus @kanaazpereira @paulamiddleton @WendyAnne @oohlalalita @petersen73 @dogmamat @salena54 @dmkmom04 @helloshelly7969 @kdubois @rayhastings @wmoser2613 @buttons @aimeenc, do you have any insight that you can share with @normah?

Here is an article I found that may be helpful:

How lupus affects the skin:

@normah are you able to share what your daughter has tried so far to treat the rash?



You may want to ask your doctor about Finacea. It treat rosacea and other types of Reading and I’ve had very good success with it for other things. That being said I’m not a doctor so you’ll have to check with your physician. I hope this helps, and God bless you! Sean

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